Studio Policies


Register Anytime! 

That’s right, you can join our programs anytime of year. However many of our classes fill up and we do have a limit on class numbers.

Ongoing Enrolment: Once you are enrolled in a class, that spot is yours unless you pause or withdraw from our program – so easy, no need to fill out forms every term!


We have made it easy for you!

Our fees are charged on the 1st of the month via direct debit (using the secure gateway Stripe). Classes are structured by the term so each term there are 3 monthly payments. At time of enrolment we will collect direct debit information from you which can be paid either by credit card or bank account. 

(Fees are calculated based on our 39 week year and then divided into 12 payments from January-December)

Our Fees are all inclusive of class tuition, class materials, CD’s, insurance and GST.


Term tuition fees are non-refundable. You cannot receive a refund if you change your mind or decide the class is not for you. However, they may be requested due to an unexpected family move or serious illness necessitating withdrawal from class. In most situations, a credit voucher for a future session of classes may be given instead of a refund. Any refund requests will be considered on an individual basis and should not be assumed. However, all tuition fees (including deposit) are fully refunded if, for any reason, classes do not proceed and have to be cancelled for that term/semester. 

To withdraw from classes for those on monthly direct debits you need to give 14 days notice before the next payment date via email or phone. Unfortunately we can’t refund payments that have been processed if we had not been advised of withdrawal. However we are happy for you to attend the remaining number of classes you have paid for or give you a credit for future classes.

Make-up Classes

Classes will be made up in the event of teacher illness or inclement weather. We will notify you of the cancellation and the scheduled make-up day.

For Members (those on monthly payments): Kindermusik students are entitled to unlimited makeup classes per term. You can do this on an alternate day subject to availability . In order to be eligible for makeup classes, you need to let us know of your intention not to attend your usual class by contacting the office or text your teacher. PLEASE NOTE THAT NO MISSED CLASSES WILL BE CREDITED OR REFUNDED. Once you are booked into a particular class then we expect you to attend this one. You cannot attend different days unless organised with the office and as a makeup class. Makeups are subject to availability. Many of our classes become fully booked and these will be closed off to makeups unless we know of absences in advance. If you would like to attend more than one class per week on a regular basis you will need to pay for and enrol in both classes.

Afternoon classes – unfortunately we cannot offer makeup classes for after school classes at this time. However if your teacher is ill and has to cancel, the class will be made up either on a weekend or during the school holidays.


An unfortunate fact of life, children get sick. Particularly at this age when their immune systems are developing. Although we are all surrounded by various viruses and other bugs all the time, we request that you use your discretion and do not bring sick children (or adults) to classes (remember you can attend a makeup class). If you bring an infectious child to classes, we reserve the right to ask you to leave to prevent the spread of nasty bugs throughout our community.

Non enrolled siblings/Other children

Non-enrolled siblings under 12 months are welcome but MUST be placed in a stroller/basinet or other “safe” place. Jim Jam Studios and its teachers can not be held responsible for injury to your younger child where this is policy is not followed. It is ideal for a parent to bring only the enrolled child(ren) to class in order to give full attention to that child and fully participate in class or alternatively enrol in a multi-age class.

Emergency situations are considered, however, so please ask if a non-enrolled sibling must “tag along”. Children older than 12 months who attend regularly and participate in the class must be paid for.