Age Range

Babies 0 – 12 months

Days & Times

Wednesday 1.00pm

Class Length

50 minutes


Whether your baby is 8 weeks or 8 months, this class is the perfect fit! 

With age-appropriate, engaging activities for newborns, infants and crawlers, this parent-child music and movement class will help you strengthen those early parent-child bonds, understand your baby’s development, and heavily focus on child development and communication with your baby.
You and your baby will enjoy instrument play, dance, exploration time, and together time—and you’ll get supportive, expert advice and parenting resources based on the most recent research in baby development.
We know how hard it is when you have a baby to sometimes get out of the house on time, they change their sleeps some days or they might not be 100%. So we have added flexibility to our Baby classes – book into a day and then if you can’t make it, you are welcome to come to the baby class on another day. Having a quiet week? Come to multiple classes at no extra cost, no other program offers this flexibility.

Our Music program for babies is sensory rich, encouraging, and nurturing. We are a community that is supportive and caring and celebrates the little things, the big milestones and also understands the challenges that come with parenting young children.

This class will be you and your baby’s favourite time of the week, cherished time together to play and learn.