Age Range

6 – 8 years

Days & Times

Wednesday 4pm

Class Length

60 minutes

Glee Singers

Does your child love to sing? This is the class for those who just love to sing; sing in the shower, sing in the car, sing with a hairbrush in front of the mirror!

What will they learn?

  • Singing 101 skills
  • Vocal Health
  • Sing Sol-fa technique (do-re-mi)
  • Harmony singing
  • Solo Singing
  • Singing different styles eg. Musical Theatre, Acapella, Jazz
  • Song Writing
  • music theory/sight singing

What happens each week?

Each weekly class will consist of;

  • Warm ups and rounds
  • Vocal exercises
  • Singing Games
  • Group songs/repertoire
  • using audio equipment
  • Music Theory (Full Voice Curricula)

Our ‘Glee Singers’ will have opportunities throughout the year to perform for family and friends (not compulsory).

Why Sing?

Singing is so good for our health – it improves our respiratory systems, releases ‘happy hormones’ into our bodies, and singing in a group regulates breathing and synchronizes heart rates with others. 

Singing improves learning outcomes, literacy skills and builds self esteem.

Singing is the ultimate form of self expression, helps us with emotions and anxiety and is fun!